Why choose hmh ?

Each of our Directors provides highly personalised and tailored solutions

We have built a successful business by understanding our clients’ businesses, working closely with them, sharing their problems and successes and being actively involved. This straight-forward and highly committed approach to assisting our clients in the management of their businesses is our firm’s principal objective.

Our aim is to practically assist you in running your business and to provide you with the advice and assistance necessary to help you achieve the results you want.

We do prepare financial statements and income tax returns, conduct audits and other compliance work. However, we believe we offer considerably more, as we will always act as guides, advisors and counsellors to assist you in the dynamic, vigorous and prosperous management of your business.

We also recognise the importance of a trusted financial advisor. By adding this "string to our bow", we are able to provide you with a complete advisory service.

For most people, business and financial success does not just happen. Success is about relationships and we believe that one of the sustaining keys to your success is the development of close working relationships with staff, suppliers, unions, banks and with professional advisors.